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kindly solve the following query



my first query:

i would like to know is the bare metal recovery work in different OS for Ex i have AD server in 2003 enviroment,is i am able to the bare metal restore oN 2008 r2 envirment ?

my seconed query : 

i have one window server A and window client is installed on that and lun is mappend on that server thorugh ISCSI,that storage is unified so it has both NAS and SAN features 

how will i take the backup of shared folder which is on my storage server i am accessing those folder thorugh \\ path,right  now i am taking backuo of these folder in symantec backup exec 2010d throgh \\ path and that is working fine 


will i able to take the backup of these folder thorugh server A.













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These two queries are totally

These two queries are totally separate, so you should create 2 discussions for them.  This makes it easier to answer.  Don't put all your queries into one discussion.

Bare Metal Recovery means

Bare Metal Recovery means restore the original configuration of Operatng System to empty hardware - it does NOT mean restore the setting into a newer version of the operating system (you cannot restore a 2003 system state in 2008 for a start)


I don't fully understand how you are using the LUN - if it is a large file on your NAS then you should not really back it up via the shares as all you will get is the large file, you should back it up via the drive letter on the server that is using it over iSCSI.

Oh and the word 'map' against a drive letter means connected to \\server\share over UNC paths that are linked to the drive letter, it is not usually used where the connection is iSCSI as then the drive looks to all intents and purposes as a local drive to the disk manager of the operating system.


You can continue to backup your shares for standard user data files - we just don't recommend the LUN to be backed up as a single file as you won't be able tro restore the inidividual items within it. wouldn't need to wouldn't need to backup a mapped LUN via iSCSI. It's assigned to that remote server, and that server sees it as local. Simply install the RAWS agent on it, and back it up as if it were a locally attached drive.

In this case, you can then "take the backup through server A".


Exactly why the term map

Exactly why the term map or mapped should not be used in this context

After all we do not suppoirt backups via a drive map of share, we do support backups of an iSCSI attachment.

Roger! Roger!

Roger! Roger!