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licese and agent Required for installation of Backup Exec in windows server 2008 r2

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I am installing a new Domain server in 3 sites and i need following products.

1. backup exec license for server backup

2. Symantec DLO for server and client backup at least 10 client user.

the enviroment is windows server 2008 R2 domain with active directory.

please help me to get detail information which are required for running my system.


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You should talk to a Veritas reseller.

I am from Nepal and i dont have contact information for Nepal Veritas Reseller.

can you provide me details.

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You can find resellers here

I can't answer for DLO licensing  as it is a separate product (with it's own forum) but there is a lot of info on BE 15 licensing here:

As a general piece of advice the Capacity Edition includes all agents and option (with Capacity Lite being a slightly limited version of the same thing), where both editions are priced on whole TB against the total for a single full backup of every resource you need to backup. This might make your choice easy as you just need to work out your current capacity requirement and add a bit for future data growth with no concrens about specific agents or option licenses. You should still check on if this is more cost effective than legacy "a-la-carte" licensing of everything individually and/or something like V-Ray edition plus some extras.

Note: Capacity edition is only calculated on 1 full backup of eveything - if you run 20 full backups of the same data on different days for data retention purposes - it is still only calculated on the last 1 and if you stop backing something up then it will not be included in the count after 30 days



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Extra infor: As you have multiple sites if yoy are looking at site-to-site copies of backup sets you should possibly be looking at a CASO setup with Deduplication Storage (which does mean Capacity Lite is not an option)

This kind of implementaion is really wherr you should be working with a reseller and/or some form of consultancy