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menu option reserved slot cleaing tape

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we have a HP StorageWorks 1/8 G2 Tape Autoloader with a cleaning tape at slot 8.

For the weekend we ware able to backup everthing on 7 tapes, 4 for the weekly, 3 for the daily (saterday).

Now because of more data/servers to backup the daily also have grown to 4 tapes.

So for the weekend we need now 2 * 4 tapes.

We want to remove the cleaning tape on fryday for the weekend backups and replace it back at monday's.

But in BackupExec there are only 7 slot available for the loader.

If we remove the cleaning tape and make sure there is no reservation on the Tape Autoloader that contains the cleaning tape, BackupExec does not see the 8th slot.

I have been looking tru all the manuals I have but I don't seem to find the wright menu to inclute that 8th slot in backupexec.

Any idee where I can find that option??


We use backupexec 2014, version 14.1 (rev 1786)





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This has nothing to do with BE. You have specified one of the slots as a mailslot, hence it is not available to BE. You need to change your really library configuration