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migrate sbs 2003 from failing server to new VM running sbs 2003

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I have a failing Dell PowerEdge server that is stable, but won't be for long.  I just installed a new server, loaded VMware vSphere, provisioned an instance, and loaded up SBS 2003.  The new virtural server comes up and runs fine.

The goal is to migrate all data (Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server, etc) from the old server to the new virtual server using BE 2012.  I need a road map.  How do I pull this off??

I backup to a removable cartridge (RD1000) and then duplicate my backups to a 5 bay Drobo FS.



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If your old server is a physical machine, you can migrate it at one go using BE 2012's P2V capability which allows you to convert a physical machine to a VM.  Just create a one-time backup job and select backup to virtual machine.  Alternatively, you can use its B2V capability to convert your backup of the old server to a VM.