need for a reliable, fault tolerant backup program of live, real time open databases

We are using the Yankee Environmental Systems Data Acquisition system (YESDAQ) to automatically collect and archive and manage captured sky images from a Total-sky imager (TSI-880). YESDAQ is based upon MySQL. However, YESDAQ does not automatically back up the instrument data that it contains. Therefore, we need a reliable, fault tolerant backup of live, real time open databases. The company have recommend us using “St. Bernard Software’s Open File Manager” and Veritas Software’s Backup Exec at Simultaneously. I was wondering you can guide me which of your products suits our case more

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BE does not support the

BE does not support the backup of MySQL

NBU (or at least 7.0 of NBU)

NBU (or at least 7.0 of NBU) apparently does have some MySQL support via a 3rd party agent from zmanda

I found the following info in an NBU forum post that apparently relates to the content of the DB Agent Compatibility List:

Added MySQL agent support through Zmanda. Reference note below. 2011-03-21 NetBackup 7.0

MySQL Agent is available from Zmanda <> For quotes or any other technical or business questions related to this agent  please contact Zmanda at:

With regards BE as there is no agent (as mentioned by pkh), you would have to find out how to dump the data from MySQL to backup files and then backup the files with BE. Then reverse the 2-step process to restore. To achieve this you will probably need to get advice from a MySQL expert.

EDIT1: I don't think you said what operating System MySQL is running on and the answer will likely affect what backup products you can use.

EDIT2: One extra point - the references to St Bernard's open file manager and Veritas products is really out of date information and I believe that Symantec's (Veritas's) agreement to use St Bernard code expired some time ago (at least 7 years). The ability that the St Bernard software used to supply is now provided by VSS on Microsoft based systems. As such it looks like the team at YESDAQ are somewhat out of date with their advice.


Backup Exec cannot help you

Backup Exec cannot help you with that task. As pkh already noted, it has no support for backing up MySQL.

IMHO your best bet would be setting up replication to a slave MySQL database. You can then stop the slave, back it up, start it again, and it will automatically catch up with the master.

If the database is in InnoDB format, an alternative is to store the MySQL database on an LVM volume and use the LVM snapshot mechanism for a fast file level backup. In that scenario the database must only be locked for the duration of the snapshot creation instead of the whole backup run.

There's also a product called Percona XtraBackup that promises to do live backups of MySQL InnoDB databases, but I have no experience with that.