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need help to configures hyper-v server backups

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A little background infomation:

I am in the process of upgrading our BackUp Exec server and backups. We were on version 2012. We are upgrading to BackUp Exec 16. I built a new Windows Server, OS 2012r2 and installed the Backup Exec 16 software without an issues. I have a few physical servers that aren't VM host. I comfigure them. All are backing up without issue. 

As for the VM Host and virtial machines, I'm wanting to use the new features so I can use file/folder-level Granular Recovery Technology (GRT). I'm just not sure how ro back up the VM's so I can do this and use Simple Disadter Recovery too. In otherwords, I want to be able to recover the whole VM and/or a file from that VM. What is the correct way to do this? 

As so, when I configure the backup, when do I need to capture the Host Components? I have included a screenshot of what I'm trying to do. Just not sure if I need to have 2 backups, one for SDR and one for GRT. 

Any advice or instruction on this matter would be greatly appreciated. 




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First question is; any reason why you are upgrading to BE 16 when the latest version is 20.4?

Any reason why you want to do an SDR-enabled backup? If you have a license for the VMware Agent, you can backup at the virtual machine level with GRT enabled. This allows you to perform the following types of restores:

  • Restore files/folders from inside the VM
  • Restore entire VM