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new barcodes and relabling

Level 3

Hi All, I need some adivice!  

We have backup 2012 and a qunatum i80 tape library.  When we importat tapes using the Backup Exec import function followed by a scan the tapes always appear as scratch media (even if they are used and protected), as soon as the tapes are used the corect status is applied and backup exec will then use a different tape.  To get round this problem we do an Import and Inventory, the tapes are then shown correctly.  This is a bit of a problem as we import at least 20 tapes every day and the import process takes an age.

Today I think I finaly found out why \o/  backup exec reads the barcodes on the tapes as UN0208, UN0209 etc, but the tape library puts a L5 (fop lto 5) on the end of the label, i.e. UN0208L5, UN0209L5 and I belive this is why the import and scan doesn't work.


So my questions are:

1.  How do I get BE to ready the full barcode?  It needs to read 8 charcters instead of 6

2.  Once I have done this, what will happen to the tapes I have already used?  If I do an import and inventroy will it just change the barcode and label on the tape and leave the contents intact?


Thanks in advance!



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Employee Accredited Certified

The Limit for BE i guess is 15 characters for bar codes

Also, I would request you to read this blog which is publised by our Trusted Advisor pkh

Level 3

Thanks Jaydeeo, I guess need to add the media type rules as per the blog.  If I do this what will happen to the exisitng content of the tapes if I bring a tape back for a restore?



Employee Accredited Certified

Strange to have the same question appear so closely in 1 week  - please reveiw this