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no idle devices available when running inventory with current job queued

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I recently upgraded to BEX 10.0. We use a Dell 120T DLT 7 Slot Autolader. When running a full backup which required 10 tapes, the backup runs great until all the media is full. At that point the job queues and I am asked to load additional media.

When I load the additional media and try to run an inventory on it, the inventory job gives me a "no idle devices available " message and will not run.

Other than splitting my job into several smaller jobs, how do I get the new media to inventory without cancelling the current job?

I was able to do this with 8.6. Can someone tell me how to get this fixed?

Thanks for the assistance.


Level 6

Install the latest device drivers and then run the inventory.

Are you using B E10.0 v5484 ? If yes, then upgrade to B E10.0 5520 and install the latest veritas device drivers:-

Refer the following technote to upgrade to B Ev10.0v 5520
Refer the following technote to install the latest drivers.

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