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no ressource to backup

Level 2
I use backup exec v.11 + SP5 on SBS 2003.
When I open a new backup. Under the selection tab I should see all the resource I can backup but the tree is empty. And I have a message on the left that say : Connection with server failed. Hit F5 to retry. Should I tell you that hitting F5 does absolutely nothing.
If I open a existing backup I can see the detail in the : View selection details. But the view by ressource only show All ressource in gray and nothing under it.

PS: most of the backup is still working.

Level 5
Sounds like you cannot get out to the network to see what is there to be backed up. 

Level 6

Create a new Selection list and check if you are able to see the resources. This might be an issue with the selection list going bad. I have faced the same problem, I created new job with a new selection list which resolved the issue...

Hope this helps...