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os X 10.3.9 agent- anyone been able to make this work?

Level 3
I've been trying to get the Veritas agent to work on OS X server for 3 generations now, and until Tiger, it has not.

OS X Server 10.3 is listed as being compatible in the Veritas documentation...

I have an older machine still running 10.3.9 Server that won't be upgraded, and even after a clean install of the OS, I can't get the agent to work.

I'm running BEWS 10.1 Rev 5629.

I've tried running the agent in debug mode, and that doesn't work.

Have any of you folks ever gotten the remote agent for OSX Server to work with 10.3.9?Message was edited by:
Dana Larson

Level 6
Hello dana,
What error do you get, could you give more details on the backup itself.
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