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overwrite & append are infinite & not appendable

Hello Everyone,


For about 2 weeks now my backups are failing because the overwrite & append periods are setting themselves to infinite and not appendable. Other than a power outage we had I can't think of anything else that has changed. I've restarted the server & the services but still have this problem.


In my media sets, USB differential & USB full, I've set the appropriate periods for overwrite & append. Differential is 20 days overwrite & 4 days append. Full is 19 days overwrite & 0 days append. These are backup to removable disk devices, which as you can tell is a USB drive. Regardless of my settings the media created or recycled in my media sets keeps changing these settings to infinite overwrite & don't allow append. I don't understand why it does this.


I thought maybe the default Media Set 1 was the problem. Perhaps for some reason it was going to that first. I did find it had an infinite overwrite protection so I changed it there to 20 days. It still didn't fix the problem because the media the next day was with infinite overwrite.


The only other place I can think of that it is getting these settings from is the imported media. When I view it all the sets it has, backup exec & windows nt backup media, backup exec archive media & foreign media have infinite overwrite & 0 hours for append. However, I can't change their settings because they are greyed out and I can't delete them because there is no option to do so.


I appreciate any help anyone can give. Thanks in advance.