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overwrite vs append

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hello everybody

I have been created three mediaset as the follow:

a- 2 tapes for full backup related  with the first  jobs backup (im going to backup three virtual machine)

b-1 tape  for full backup releted with the second job (im going to backup four virtual machine )

c-1 tape for differencial backup related with two jobs above.


Im a little confuse how to configure the overwrite and append period. I want to store the two full backup for one month and after that to overwrite in the a &b tape library. also in the c tape library i have been  scheduled  backup every wensdays and thursdays on the week .

for the a and b tape i choose overwrite period for 4 weeks and for the c tape library overwrite period for 2 weeks .

i dont know if im in the right way . can you suggest anything if im wrong . i want after one month to restart the job that i scheduled because i havent more tape . it is neccesary fot me to save the latest the full back up and differncial backup for 2 jobs .




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I think for A and B you can put an OPP 4 weeks with append 12 hours and C for 2 weeks. 

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Please find below

An explanation of the "Overwrite Protection Period" and the "Append Period"

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You are repeating what the OP said he has set for media sets.