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page queing through the roof

Level 3
When I start a back up of our file server, the paging hit 100% and stays there throughout the backup. I am backing up about 700GB of information and it crawls, about 90MB/m...

is there a way to get this to come down from 100%? As you can imaginge this backup is taking days and really cant be done during production hours..

file server is running windows 2003
BE2010 is on windows 2008 standard.

throughput is hitting about 30 MB... so no issues there..

any suggestions are welcome.. i have tried a few things but nothing is working.

everything else i back up is running ok, exchange for example runs fine, about 2400MB/m..


Level 6
Is this paging on the media server?  

How much physical RAM is in your media server?

Level 3
my media server has 16 gb of ram, the server i am pulling the backup from has 4.

the server i am pulling from is a VM guest..

the media server is a Physical box..

but just to add more information.. I am pulling backups from other server with similar setups as the file server.. I thought maybe it was the amount of files I was trying to back up but when i select a small sample, the disk queing still went through the roof..

Level 6
While BackupExec has always been a RAM hungry app, 16 GB should be sufficent for your media server

You might try a repair install, followed by re-application of service on the media server  If it is only the one server that makes the media server do this, you might also try uninstalling the RemoteAgent, booting and re-installing the Agent on that machine

Level 6
I'm confused.

You mentioned paging hits 100%, then mention disk queue.  Those are two different metrics that have different solutions.

Then I cant figure out if it's your media server, or your file server that is having the issue.

Oh and the file server is virtualized?