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"A Agent for Windows license is required..."

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I've recently purchased Backup Exec but have only just got around to properly setting up some backups
I've set up what I need and let it run to make sure everything is smooth, but I received the same error for each machine backing up

"A Agent for Windows license is required for protecting remote servers with this edition of Backup Exec."
I assumed we had the right licenses but now I'm not sure, I've attached a screenshot of what licenses I see on the server

It says the backups failed but it's still filled up some space on one of the tapes, so I don't understand that either

If we're missing licenses, I'd appreciate being pointed in the right place :)
I want to be able to remotely backup a bunch of PCs from a server, basically



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What sort of tape library do you have there and how many drives does it have? BE covered the first tape drive in a library, but for the second or more, you need the Library Expansion Option license, otherwise it fails to recognise them.

Hi Craig,

It's an IBM 3573-TL, it has a single drive in it, with 12 slots
What you say would make sense but it barely filled up the whole of the first tape, it's currently using 216GB of 2.27TB

If you check the screenshot, it says I have the license for Library Expansion Option, but that it's not installed. I actually looked this up recently and came across a Veritas support article claiming that's just a visual bug and it is in fact installed. Though I don't remember installing it and don't see it anywhere when I try to add/remove features to BE