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"Connection with server failed" displayed in Restore Selections window

Level 3
 I migrated one of our customer's server to a new server last weekend from old NT4 box with backup exec on it.

I've just been asked to restore data from an old DAT tape from last Friday. The new server uses DLT so I've fired up the old server having changed its name and IP address, disabled DHCP etc.

I've put the tape in, cataloged it and done an inventory on it.

Gone to the Restore Selections tab and it says in the right hand pane "connection with Server failed - Hit F5 to retry". I hit F5 and nothing happens!

Any help would be highly appriciated


Level 5
Hello SMike

If you changed the name of the server - uninstall backup exec and install it again.

The backup exec database keeps records of the server name in the database and other files which is probably what is causing the problem.
Hope this helps