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"Insufficient media to start job"

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Hello. I've searched for an answer to my question but have been unable to find one thus far.

I've got Backup Exec 11d running on a Dell Server 2003 R2 that's tasked to backup local files. The problem is that BE refuses to recognize the media, and I receive the following error message:

"Media Check
Online media check   : Insufficient online or nearline media is available to start job.
Overwrite media check: There is no media online or nearline that can be overwritten or the job has been marked append/terminate.
Media check status   : Failed"

Any ideas?


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I am having the same problem. When I uncheck "check media" the test runs but otherwise it will fail.

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I have also received this message even though the media/devices section shows that I have 120GB available media (exabyte tape).  What gives?  This has brought my Corp backup to a halt. 
I'm backing up data from a Win Server 2003 network over to a snap server but I cannot move the data over for offsite (tape) backup.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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I am also having this issue it started after a reboot of our server dell running w2k3 server, has anybody been able to resolve this issue. 
please help!