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"The network path was not found" trying to create backup-to-disk folder

Level 3
I am trying to create a backup-to-disk folder on BE 12.5 and everytime i point to the path, which is available if i look through windows explorer or even on the b2d folder button, i get the following error "The network path was not found". The server can see it and access it,  but not b2d for some reason.

I have tried this on several computers and they all give me the same error except for the one that has BE on it. I was doing this before where the usb hdd was attached to the exchange server and now nothing.

Is it an agent problem? The BE system says that the agent is fine and does not need upgrading.


Level 6
 Perhaps the account in BE (the service account) does not have the right permissions to access the network location.

Add the BE service account to your NAS or file server that holds the share.

Level 3
i didn't think of that, i will work on that today and give it a try. Thanks

Level 3
Nope that did not work. Anybody have any ideas?

Partner    VIP    Accredited is your name resolution on your network?
Open a command prompt, and try resolving your server names to IPs, and vice versa. If that works, DNS isn't an issue.
I'd also look at using the IP address in BEWS to see if it can resolve it that way.