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"Trust not established" msg in Backup of Enterprise Vault Directory on

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Szenario: BE 21.4, Enterprise Vault 14.1. Backup via EV Agent which shows "Directory on..." as item to back up.

The backups seem to back up the correct data (DBs, Partitions, Indexes) but right at the end the message

"Backup Exec cannot connect to the remote agent because a valid trust does not exist between the remote agent an the Backup Exec server"...

And no, you can't add the remote server because it's not a server, it consists of objects like SQL DBs and server, and "establish trust" is greyed out for the "Directory on..." "Server". The displayed error code E0009B86 is nowhere to be found, either.

The really curious fact is that the immediately following Verify job completes successfully, and with the exact data the failed job backed up, and all the Backup Sets are available for restore.

Naturally I tried all kinds of restarts, but to no avail. I might add that I have two BE servers and two EV servers, both showing the same symptoms.

The fact remains that I have failed backup jobs daily - and that is a bit hard to explain to the customer...

Any hints/suggestions/experiences are welcome

Regards, Bert



Hi Bert, 
EV 14.1 is not yet supported with Backup Exec, this includes the current version of BE 22
There are plans to support it in future versions of Backup Exec.
I would recommend checking the Software Compatibility List (SCL) from time to time or when a new version is released to see if EV 14.1 is listed.