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"Windows did not shut down properly" message after a VM restore

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We are getting the "Windows did not shut down properly" during the first boot after a VM is restored from a backup.

What can be done to eliminate the message?

We use BackupExec 2010R3 with VMware agents and ESXI 4.1  VMs are 2008R2s


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I think this is normal if your windows server was online during backup.

So for windows point of view, the shutdown was unexpected.

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Common sense tells me that it should be this way.  Still, I would like to be reassured by a Symantec engineer.

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I would like to be reassured by a Symantec engineer

Then you should open a support case with Symantec.  This is a user-supported forum and the Symantec employees may/may not answer your query.

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ZeRoC00L is correct,

may be if you try to convert the VM and migrate it to your new ESX, Migrate using  the "Powered-on machine" as source type.


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This is an expected message - Even though we cannot recover directly to a powered on state, in effect the state of the server has been restored as it was when it was powered on and the operating system therefore left it's trigger points for the warning message enabled as these are only disabled with a valid power down.

If this message can be disabled then it will be a Microsoft change that would disable the message permanently and not just after a backup/restore so probably best to live with it - after all how often do you restore VMs? Bear in mind he next time you reboot properly after receiving this message it will be gone.