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"World Backup Day." Just one day?

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No doubt, the irony of a single day a year, which puts focus on being able to recover your data, is not lost on you. Yet today, being that day, 31st March, "World Backup Day" does serve a purpose in a world which continues to generate new data at an unprecedented rate.


Ten or 15 years ago, the way backups were accomplished, the widgets that were used and the type of target storage that was selected, were all hot topics of conversation. For some time now, these things have paled in significance. Today, it’s about spending less time "doing backup," and it is that core principle that is at the heart of World Backup Day. At Veritas, our belief is however you do it, just make sure you backup your data.


The likelihood is that protecting your data isn't your core business. It doesn't reduce cost, it doesn't increase revenue. But it does prevent reduced productivity – and the more recent your backup and the faster you can recover data, the less data loss and downtime you suffer. When it comes to data protection from Veritas,   these principles are central to our focus.


Physical IT infrastructure still plays a majority part for many organisations, but the adoption of server virtualization has increased over the last decade, and will likely be eclipsed by cloud computing in the near future. Given the drive from the business to cut the cost of IT whilst maintaining or improving the level of service, it comes as a surprise to us at Veritas  to find that many businesses still use multiple tools to protect data across these different platforms.


Wherever your organization is on the journey from physical to virtual to cloud, the key is to ensure not only that all your critical data is protected regularly and frequently, but it is also quickly recoverable between platforms, at whatever level of granularity is required.


One Backup for World Backup Day

At Veritas, we have a number of solutions to simplify backups.

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