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"e0008488 - Access is denied" for Active Directory

When backing up our Windows Server 2008 x64 Active Directory servers, we receive an "e0008488 - Access is denied" error about 5 out of 6 times.  Files are backed up, however the Active Directory data is skipped.  There doesn't seem to be any pattern to when it will fail and when it will work.  It was working fine a month or two ago, but then we installed some updates and made some changes, and it started failing some point after that.  We haven't been able to pin down exactly what makes it fail or succeed.  All of the information I was able to find regarding this involved Exchange, so I wasn't able to correlate any of that information.

We are running Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 Rev. 2213
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Hi there, Check that your

Hi there,

Check that your service account has the correct rights. If need be, try creating a new one and see if you get the same error messages.
Are you also using AOFO which will back up open files?

Getting same error on Information Store - E00008488

I'm having the same issue with BackupExec 12.0  Rev. 1364 on MS Server 2008 x64 and Exchange 2007.  Full backups fail with Error Code: E00084AF.  If I attempt to backup the information stores the Error Code is: E0008488.   Both provide links to 'V-79-57344-33928 - Access Denied. Cannot backup directory Mailbox Database and its subdirectories.  clicking the link brings you to : .

In the backup job properties, Resource Credentials all test successfully.  GRT is enabled to allow restore of individual mailboxes.

Reinstalling the application did not resolve the issue.  I've investigated about every possible avenue I've been able to.  Pretty sure it has to do with residual mailboxes of users that have been disabled/deleted.  I even found a Symantec KB article that confirmed that was the case in version 10, but said it would be fixed in version 11.  Did it come back in version 12?

Any information toward resolving this issue will be greatly appreciated.