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re -adding the same server name and IP to backup server

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We are building a new server to replace one of our old ones and we want to give it the same name and IP address as the one one. the old one is server 2012 r2 and currently is being backed up by backupexec, the new one will be server 2019. the steps we will do are:

1. build the new server

2. migrate data from old server to new one

3. rename old server to server-old

4. change the Ip o the old server

5 rename the new server with the name of the old server

6. assign the same ip from the old server to the new server

7. install the backup agent on the new server being back-upped the the same server that back-upped the old one.


How will this translate on the backup server?  Will it reestablish a connection to the the new server as if nothing changed?

Or will we have two servers with the same name and Ip in backupexec (one working and one not)? Will we have to recreate each backup job for the new server?

Or once we rename the old server it will update the name in backupexec and we can add the new one with the old name? Will we have to recreate each backup job for the new server?


Thank you



You need to remove old server in Backup exec server and then push agent to new server again