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recover old Backup Exec files from external hard drive

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I have an external hard drive full of .bkf files made with Veritas BackupExec software in 2008, that I would like to investigate to see if they have backups of files that have since been overwritten.  We stopped using that software prior to 2010 and its program files have long since disappeared.  The disk has Changer.cfg and Folder,cfg files.

Anyone know how to examine/recover old .bkf files without paying further (or at most minimal) tribute to Veritas?





You can install any version of BE as trial version for 60 days (no license required).
Then add your disk and use the BE GUI to import your disk as a Backup To Disk folder.
Afterwards you need to run an inventory and catalog operation to actually see what you have.

Note: If the data is that old, unless you are only after basic files and not application specific data you should be OK.
Application data, there is a possibility that newer application versions might not cope with such old application data or the communication required (AP's) might have changed in a way that such application data cannot be restored into current applications (both out of our control).