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regarding the conversion of "RAW " file system to "NTFS " file system without the data loss

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Dear Sir,

I am from India.i got your email id from recovery data tools website.

i need your help regarding the software problem .

I am a user of Paragon hard disk manager 2009 version (Demo version).

I installed this software on my pc on few days ago.

i use intel core 2 duo 2.2Ghz, 2 gb ddr2 ram, 250 GB hdd, and additional

2 internal hard disks of seagate st31500341AS of 1.5 TB each , internet ,

Windows XP sp 3,

Prior to installing this software , i had accidently converted one of

my hard disk (1.5 tb ) containing my songs collection from basic to dynamic disk.

i successfully converted this dynamic volume into basic volume without the

data loss using a third party software. but even after the conversion of the

disk from dynamic volume into basic volume , the " my computer " did not

allowed me to see its contents , without clicking the option to format the

drive, I of course, did not formatted the disk because my data was very

important to me. So i thought of taking the backup of the drive in as such

condition using the Paragon hard disk manager 2009 version (Demo version).

i took the backup of that drive (1.5 tb ) and the archive of that backup was

stored on other hard disk of same capacity (1.5tb ). The size of the archive

of the data written on the hard disk was 605 GB ( backup was taken using

Normal Compression ) . Then i formatted the previous hard disk after taking the

backup using NTFS file system by using " Disk Management " of Windows XP.

After that i selected the " Restore Wizard " of Paragon hard disk manager 2009

version (Demo version). I selected the archive containing the backup of my data

as source of data and selected the recently formatted 1.5Tb hard disk ( which earlier

contained my data ), as the destination hard disk on where the data was to be restored.

I did not changed any other settings and left them as by default , then i started the restore process.

The whole process tokk about 7 hours to complete.

After the process was complete the disk on which data was restored

was not being allowed to be opened under "my computer" , when i checked the

properties of the disk it was shown as having " RAW File System " ,

and no other option was shown in the properties dialog box, whenever i double

clicked on that hard disk icon, the message appeared that "The disk in drive G:\

is not formatted , do you want to format it now. " I selected no and left the dialog box.

Now i do not understand that why is the other 1.5 TB drive containing

the backup archive is being easily opened and has NTFS file system , but the drive

containing the data which is restored from the backup disk, is being shown as

having " RAW File System " and i am unable to open it to see its contents witout

I request you to please guide me that how can i convert this disk

having " RAW File System " , into " NTFS file system " wihout any data loss from the disk.

my data is very very important to me , i cannot even think of losing it .

please tell me which software of yours will help me recover my data back from RAW partition.

how can i recover the data back from this RAW partition back  to an empty hard drive.

please guide me in detail
Saajanpreet singh


formatting it again , this means that whole effort to take the backup and

then to restore is wasted .