relation between backup exec and desktop agent

Please forgive my ignorance with this issue as this is the fisrt time I am supporting this product. 

one of our clients were getting a connection iusse error on their workstations.  apparently they could not connect to the media server.  When I first did a search I thought it was old symantec anti virus/endpoint product that was giving this false positive.  I told them to check for symantec products in the add/remove programs and remove the product.  Come to find out they deleted Symantec desktop agent.  Now they are no longer backing up thier desktops. Subsequently I was able to find the device it was trying to attach to and had to reboot it.  since the reboot all others were able to connect and backup their desktops according to the backup plan.

Is desktop agent a by product of backup exec in that you must create/push the agent out to the desktops or is it a eparate product all together?   They have a few servers so I am not sure which is the main one for this agent creation.  I had found something for desktop agent that appeared to be a client setup file, and loaded it.  when i executed it i received an error msg something to the effect that the registry cannot find certain configurations.

any help as to the procedures to get this app to reload is very much appreciated.



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Desktop Agent is usually the

Desktop Agent is usually the term used by the DLO components. Agent for Windows or Remote Agent for Windows is usually the term used for the Backup Exec agents (that can be installed on servers on workstations)


Now depending on the version of Backup Exec, DLO may have been part of Backup Exec or a separate product in it's own right


Typically though the DLO agent can be installed from a share on the media server, but the Agent for Windows can be push installed from the media server to the remote server - so you kind of need to work out which bit of the product (and which version) you are using to work out how to re-install.

What is the version of the

What is the version of the DLO Agent ?

If its mentioned as Symantec DLO 7.x and higher, then its a separate product, else if it has an older version, it was bundled along with BE. So you have to first figure out which is the DLO media server. Once found (and as it has its own console), the DLO Agent can either be push installed from the media server or locally installed.