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restore from tape that used BE 11d with BE 2010

I have to restore a file that was backed up using BE 11d. I have just upgraded to BE 2010 on a Win 2003 R2. I tried to upgrade to 2012 but that failed misserably. So I had to completely un-install and clean up things and then down graded and went to 2010 instead. Now I have the old 11d tapes but they are not in the inventory. How do I get them into inventory so I can restore a file.





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Run an inventory and then

Run an inventory and then catalog the tapes. Hope this helps

...and adding to the above,

...and adding to the above, if you don't see the tape after running the inventory/catalog, check the date range. BE has some stupid quirk in it where it selects a random date from the past, and not necessarily the date the tape was created.

I've seen this plenty of times on the sites I looked after, put in an Idea to get it fixed, seen it on the forums, and heard nothing about the Idea...