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restore from tape to disk folders

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So the company I am currently working for, is migrating off of 5 different backup exec servers to 1 more enterprise level program. they have about 24 months of backup tapes at iron mountain for 7 year retention. The manager has decided that it is cost prohibitive to keep support for BUE, the multiple libraries, and iron mountain around that long and wants to restore / copy the tapes to a nas filer, and then back that data up in the new program.

We researched some companies who offer data recovery services and to do this for 200+ tapes is in the area of $250,000 - $500,000 US.

I was reading that some later editions of BUE offer copy to disk, which should allow the saves to be restored, keeping all the multiple versions of the backups if restored to disk folders matching barcodes or some other naming scheme.

Has anyone done this, does it work? is it a massive undertaking or can it be a reasonable project? Meaning is it going to take a long time in general to read in the tape, restore the data, and then move to the next one?


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.




Level 5

You can use "set copy" to copy sets from tape to disk. Not sure what version of BE, it's easy in the new versions.

Right it will take a long time for 7 years worth of tapes. Using a loader, you will need to insert the tapes, inventory, catalog (if necessary to catalog), then you can set copy. If not all the tapes are in the loader, it will request for the missing tape.

It really comes down to how may tapes. Personally I would not want to do it.

Old version of BE

Newer version