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restore problem

Level 4
i have a restore problem
i was archiving the BKF files that the symantec creates
now i need to restore xxx.bkf from one year , while this media keeps only 2 months but i keep the the old BKF files
is there is any way to make the syamntec read this old files

Level 6

After you restore the BKF files into a B2D folder, you need to then Inventory (and probably catalog) those files

For future reference. 

Rather than do a standard COPY backup, you can DUPLICATE the BKF files to tape, and can restore directly from tape, unless you want to restore individual items from a GRT enabled backup.  In that case you need to stage the entire backup to a local NTFS volume to restore the selected item(s)

Level 4
the BKF files from the tape have the same name , so i can't put them at the same folder and do inverntory