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restoring a machine before the OS is there...

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I have to replace the hard disk on one of our Windows 2003 "standard" servers. This machine does not have RAID - just one 250gb IDE drive. It is strictly used to handle Terminal server sessions.

Do I have to install the OS and then the remote agent in order to restore the entire machine from my backup Exec media server OR is there a CD or something I can boot this server from once the HD has been formatted, that will allow me to restore the machine without having to install the OS first?



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If you had purchased IDR, then you would have created a Boot Disk that would have let you bypass most of the "Standard" Distater Recovery

Without that, yes, you must install a vanilla OS and the agent, then a Restore.

(is this server also a media server or just a target machine?)

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If the machine had SP1 on it when your backup was taken, install it on your Vanilla OS prior to restoring your backup.
Officially, you don't have to, but I always run into errors and obscure problems unless I do (more particularly SP4 with WIndows 2000).

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Yes, this machine is striclty a target machine - not a media server.

We did not purchase IDR. We have that on our Small Business Server version of Backup Exec, but that is not the version we are using to backup this particular machine so I guess I am euchered!

Oh well, I guess it's not that big of a deal.

Thanks, Brad

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SP1 is not yet on this machine. Glad it isn't now!!!

Thanks for the advice!


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Hello Brad,

As suggested by Ken you will need to follow the steps mentioned, i.e. reinstall backup exec, the agents and then perform the restore. Do let us know in case you have further queries regarding this. Also inform us in case the problem gets resolved.

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If you have finished reinstalling the server and the issue is resolved now, please update us on the same.

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As per our previous reply, marking the case as assumed answered and moving it to answered questions pool.