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service account for mssql

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how do you use a diffrent user account for sql vs the rest of the backup? the ui shows the sql is using the servers logon account the question, i am unsure how to ungrey out the mssql option to choose an alternate account. I have also attempted to change the account in the actual backup configuration but that does not seem to work either. anyone have thoughts?


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It is not possible to use a different account to SQL databases from the rest of the job.  This has been the way since a couple of versions ago.

If you need a different account to backup SQL databases, you need to set up a separate job.

If thats the case why does the UI make it *appear* that you can easily choose another account. Given ther BE user must be an admin on the machines its annoying that I have to put the eggs in one basket to get these noth done in one backup.