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service deduplication not start

Level 3

Hi to all!

I have a dedup in BE. But on of the day, our server was down. In this moment some jobs was run.

After server load, I saw that Dedup service can't to start. 

Unable to start dedup engine service with error on event log: 9: _storeReportContainer: Container id mismatch. External ID: 27205, Internal ID 18892

If I run all services without Dedup, all ok, but about 90% my job was in Dedup disk.

I found some error in windows event, that some files of dedup disk not found. I found URL in veritas (, where saying with this error need write to Veritas Support. I have a license for dedup support, but they said that BE 15 version not support. Need update to 16 or 20 version. For update  I need new license, I don't have. But dedup support have. 

How can start this service? May somebody knows?