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some questions about my backup exec 15

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Good afternoon. I have some questions about my backup exec 15.

The first one: Can I set another name of the .bkf files? By default it is B2D_____.bkf, but for me it would be more convenient to see in names date and time the file was created\modified. May be someone can advice me any solutions?

The next one: Are there any solutions to create temlates of jobs? For example: I have .doc .xls .pdf files which i want to back up on different servers. Can I create template with specifying the file extension and apply it to some servers? Now I do it by adding all servers to the one job where i add this extensions, and it works. But if one server in this job become unreachable for backup exec, the job will end with error. As I know, in backup exec 2010 this feature was. In backup exec 15 I can`t find it.






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Hi, 1. No way to get any sort of meaningful naming convention in B2D folders at all. 2. Not sure of this, but you should be able to add in exclusions or include specific files on a per-server basis. Thanks!

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Not sure about the second one but the answer to the first one is no there is no way to change bkf file names as they have to be unique and apart from when troubleshooting the names are not useful (unless you are using bad practices involving manually copying such files around outside of Backup Exec.)


thank you