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support for BackupExec 2010

I'm running a version of BackupExec 2010 on my server and we are inching closer to 2015. How long will BackupExec 2010 be supported by Symantec?

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This link outlines the EOL

This link outlines the EOL dates for each release of BE -

It is already no longer

It is already no longer subject to engineering updates (and in a phase we officially call Partial Support)

In practice this means if you come to support for help we can only provide guidelines based on existing documentation and skillsets within technical support.

It also means that if Microsoft (or another 3rd party) changes the way something operates on a supported operating system or application, that we will not attempt to fix in 2010 and would need to know whether or not that the same problem exists against the current version of Backup Exec.


EDIT: to see the public definition of partial support and how it relates to the various dates, open the link provided by VJware and then follow the links at the bottom of the resulting page for the Policy and FAQ

EDIT2: If you are asking about 2010 (without the R3 designation) then you need to be aware that we actually stopped providing updates and full support for this version ages ago, this was because the R3 version was freely available to anyone with valid 2010 serial numbers and therefore any updates were only needed in the R3 version.



kindly have look

kindly have look on:

Hi Zakirkhan, All that thread

Hi Zakirkhan,

All that thread you posted does is provde the same information that is already in the links provided by VJware, yes it comfirms a form of support until 2017- but to understand the details of the types of support offered you have to look at the information in VJware's link (including the documents linked off the bottom of the resulting page)


Also apart from the dates have not changed, the other details in your thread may be out of date as that whole thread is from 2012

this is my version info,  I

this is my version info,  I haven't received any updates for a while - is this the latest version?


Nopes, this isn't the latest

Nopes, this isn't the latest version.

If you have an active maintenance contract, would recommend to upgrade to BE 2014. If not, at least upgrade to BE 2010 R3 (R3 uses the same licenses as that of R2).

Link to 2010 R3 installer -

Stop all BE services including SQL service and grab a copy of the Data & Catalog folders.

Start all services and run the BE 2010 R3 installer. Proceed with the install wizard prompts.

Once install complete, run LiveUpdate at least twice to install all patches. Push the updated remote agent to the remote servers.

If planning to upgrade to BE 2014, the upgrade steps are the same.