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trouble with catalogs

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good day,

im having serious troubles with my catalogs using backup exec 8.5. what is happening is that i am doing a monthly archive of old files, on tapes i do not wish to copy over. once the archive is written, it shows up nice and neat in my catalogs. i am also doing a weekly full backup of my server, as well as daily incrementals.

what im finding is that randomly (as it seems to me) on occassion i will go to restore a job from my archives, and my catalog will for some reason display a red "x" through the icon, and i am then unable to restore from it. most of my archives remain safe, but things just seem to randomly disappear! i try to recatalog, but nothing helps. its as if the files have been lost, and i cant retrieve them.

any thoughts on this from others would be appreciated.

one other question - what should my settings be for tapes in a media set for permanently archiving data? what should my overwrite/append settings be? forgive my lack of knowledge, im learning on the fly with this software.