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ubuntu backup stalls

Level 1

I have a support case open for already some time. Case number is 180206-001194

I want to backup a Ubuntu server using RALUS and BackupExex 16 FP2 with latest HF installed. The problem I experience is that the backup job gets stalled at random files. As soon as the job gets stalled it will not go any further. If I try to cancel the job it will stay in Cancel pending state forewer. The only way to cancel the job is to restart the RALUS service on target host. After doing this the job will get to cancelled state within 10 minutes.

I noticed that downgrading RALUS version to version 15 or lower will prevent backup jobs from stalling, and they will succeed. Here is a list of versions I tried:

14.1.1786.1059 (2014SP2) success
14.2.1180.3142 (2015FP5) success
16.0.1142.1327 (2016FP1) stalls
16.0.1142.1632 (2016FP2) stalls
16.0.1142.1644 (2016SP2 HF 128051) stalls

The log files taken with RALUS 16.0.1142.1644 are attached. You can clearly see in the ralus log file the moment when that backup job stalls, as it just starts spamming identical messages over and over again.

Support engineer keeps telling me that the file on which the job stalls is open in some other application, even though the file is every time different, and the output of "lsof" command doesn't confirm that. He also keeps telling me that AOFO is not supported on Ubuntu, but he can't explain why the job just doesn't skip open files.

What result I expect:

1. The jobs should not stall.

2. If the job stalls it should be cancellable it from BE user interface.

3. The regression in RALUS introduced in BE16 should be fixed.


I am terribly unhappy with the level of support I am receiving at the moment, as the case is open for alredy more than 2 weeks, and I didn't get any meaningfull help from the veritas support.