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unable to install BEWS on remote SQL server

Level 2

I am unable to install BEWS using remote SQL option. When i give <remoteSQLserver>\DB name, it fails. On the same server, i am able to connect remote SQL via other apps and SQL mgmt studio. Does BEWS support installation on remote SQL server? or only local SQL is supported?


Level 2

error :  

+ 03-11-2024,12:01:44 : There is no MSSQL$BEWS Service on SQL01.

+ 03-11-2024,12:01:44 : Unable to connect to a SQL Server SQL01\BEWS on machine SQL01.

+ 03-11-2024,12:02:33 : V-225-27: Cannot connect to Microsoft SQL Server SQL01. On the remote SQL Server, verify that: - Remote client connections are allowed. By default, SQL Server 2008 R2 Express, Evaluation, or Developer editions allow local client connections only. For more information, refer to - The user who is currently logged on to this system is a member of the Administrators group on SQL Server SQL01\BEWS. - Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client is installed on the local server if the TLS 1.0 protocol is disabled on the local or Central Administration Server. ***To search for information about this error, click here

03-11-2024,12:02:43 : IFrame::Setup::Main - The return code is: 1602