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unable to restore

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I can’t to restore my Windows Server 2019 with Veritas Backup Exec 22.

I boot with an SDR key, this one works.

first problem: I can't log in on my Backup Exec server :

An alert tells me that the credentials are not correct. But this is not the case after multiple checks.

I am in a hardened Active Directory environment... I think this is the cause of my problem.

The only doc I found is here, but it is not enough èV-290-706 Backup Exec Simplified Disaster Recovery (SDR) wizard is unable to connect to media server...


To get around this authentication problem, I decided on another option: connect the backup pool in addition to the SDR key

In this case, I have an alert: “To reconfigure storage pools and storage spaces or to remove them, click Powershell or click Next”

Simplified Disaster Recovery (SDR) for Windows systems configured with storage pools and spaces. (ve...

The Windows ADK installed is in the right version: 1809 (WinServ 2019)

Note: with this SDR key I was able to restore the Windows 2019 server that hosts Backup Exec. In this case, I have no storage pool to reconfigure or else invalid Windows ADK.

Could someone tell me how to do this? Has anyone ever used Powershell in a similar case?

But if someone can provide me a checklist for Active Directory authentication... I'll take it too !