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unattended install for field deployment

Level 6
I need to deploy Backup Exec 10 to multiple field offices where IT support is limited or does not exist. Ideally, I would like to have the field user insert a CD, run the install, reboot and be done. All offices have the same tape drive hardware, but the servers may be slightly different.

BE 10 has two utilities that help, but I find they come up short:

CloneCD- can be created of an existing installation, and creates an unattended installation CD. One short coming- it does not clone Hotfixes or Service packs installed on the source server- it just copies the bits from the original installation.

BEUtility Copy Configuration/ApplyConfiguration- This allows me to define media sets, logon account, & create jobs to a configuration file. The field user will have to open Beutility, add their server, and apply the file. After applying the configuration, the user still needs to go through the first time wizards, and that's an opportunity to over write the base configuration I'm trying to establish. I'd rather not have the novice users use the BEUtility at all.

Is there a better way to do this?

Level 6
there is no better way