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uninstall and install backup exec

Good morning, I need help.
I uninstalled the software Backup_Exec_2010_13.0_SP1 to replace English with French version Backup_Exec_2010_R2 Windows Server 2008 R2.
Despite cleaning the Symantec keys in the registry and deleting files on Symantec backup directories, it follows by following the installation of Backup Exec System 2010 R2 installation failure with different mail with attachment files.
I think you need to reinstall the system (OS) to make a new installation of Backup Exec 2010 R2.

Given the urgency on Safeguards
I thank you specify the actions to be undertaken on this server and also advise me the possible configurations after reinstalling the system if necessary and if possible. Because the server communicates with a backup robot.

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Moving this thread to the

Moving this thread to the Backup Exec forum for you.

Hi,   Not sure if you have



Not sure if you have seen, or followed the TN below, but if not, it's worth a read. It tells you how to completely remove BE from the system.


Would like to see the failure in the install log...

Please post a small section of the install log where it failed? It would help me understand your problem.