upgrading license from BE 2012 to 2014

Hi team


i need help to upgrade the license. i purchase BE 2012 license but due to some issue i start using BE 2014 but the license key of 2012 is not working on.

kindly confirm me either it is possible to upgrade my license..????

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With a valid support contract

With a valid support contract you are eligible for a free upgrade.

I would suggest you to contact Symantec Licensing Team to help you out with the licensing issue.

For contact info refer to http://www.symantec.com/docs/HOWTO42310


You can install and useBackup

You can install and useBackup exec in Evalaution mode for 60 days.

You may refer the following link to 

For product version UPGRADE license keys:


Incase you have any issue Contact Licensing team as suggested by AmolB


Hi Amol/ Rahul I already

Hi Amol/ Rahul


I already tried to mail and also get new license but not working and video link are not opening.

well i already allign Technical support for this purpose.




Kashan, Could you elaborate

Kashan, Could you elaborate what is not working?


Instead of support which does

Instead of support which does not handle licensing matters, you should call the Symantec Licencing department. Call your local Symantec support number and select option 2



this link is not working 

and the new updated license which was share by symantec team through mail was not working and show error "invalid license."

also i already allign support team of symantec so hopefully both issue will be resolve by today