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used disk space by exec 2012 backups

good morning,

We use Exec 2012 under Server 2008R2.

A few month ago we changed our broken Lto5 single tape to a Superloader3 Lto6.

We got 2 RAID Volumes ( 1,9TB and 550GB ) for Backup to disk.

My problem is, that on volume 1 the used space is about 1,85TB but by counting backup sets in exec 2012 I gut only about 1,6TB

on Volume 2 the used space is about 500 GB , counted space in Backup sets is only about 170 GB ...

Are there backups wich where deleted in the list, but not in the disk? - Database error?

Is there any 'hidden cleaning' feature?

thx 4 help...


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Re: used disk space by exec 2012 backups

Hopefully this is not as simple as you set really long retention times on your backups not realizing from that BE 2012 and later no longer overwrite disk based sets like tape (or disk for older versions) do, they are reclaimed/deleted by a time based process.

Whilst there is no hidden cleaning feature as such - you should be able to expire the sets from inside the BE console manually.

However I striongly recommend you upgrade from Backup Exec 2012. We introduced Date Lifecycle managment (DLM) in 2012 to manage disk based backups, in effect making 2012 be analogous to DLM v 1.0

There have been a number of changes to DLM, some of which were done as patches to BE 2012, but most of the changes took place when BE 2012 was no longer our current vesrion, meaning such changes are ONLY available in the newer versions.

Note - even after an upgrade it is possible that some existing backup sets that should expire and be deleted will remain and therefore still need manual removal, however a newer version of BE should stop you continuing to experience such issues going forwards


Re: used disk space by exec 2012 backups

At first - Thx 4 reply.

second --- I am not able to understand the first sentence :-(

Yes, I got 2 weeks before deleting old backups. And Yes - I have to delete manually backups :-/

There was a hint to a Reg - Key to show media properties for the disk , too.

Seems for me, that backup exec has 'containers' in wich the backup sets are stored. In case of deleting before the regular time to delete comes, the 'container' hold it's space on the disk, but is empty?

Thx 4 help