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v9 BE on Novell 5.0 Can't Schedule

Level 3
 Over the weekend the novell 5.0 server that is running BE v9 crashed.  I do not think the crash is related to the actual backup program at all.  

When the server came back up, BE loaded up normally (Both the regular program and the Java applet for remote management).

The problem is that our list of Scheduled Backup Jobs vanished.  All our Daily backup entries were gone.  So I tried to load a new entry and in both the Remove management and directly, the Backup Job submission says 'Successful', everything looks normal but the Job is not loaded into the scheduler nor does it run.

Has anyone else seen this type of thing happen?

Thanks in advance!



Level 5
 you probably have a corruption in the job scheduler file.
Stop BE first - bestop.
The either delete or rename the jobdata.idx files in (I think this is right) sys:\bkupexec\jobdata directory.
Once this is done start the BE server again, and recreate the jobs - should be OK after this.