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vCenter not working after SDR with BE2012

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Have a physical server with BE2012 and vCenter 5.1.  Did a custom SDR backup and restore on the same box (different drives) and BE works fine, but vCenter will not start.  Went through many hoops with VMware and they could not resolve the issue - suspect that the database is corrupt.

Posting on VMware forum with info:

If the SDR cannot restore my box, what good is it?



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What database did you use with vCenter as a vCenter server I believe usually uses a SQL backend?

Did you backup the instance of the database with an appropriate agent?

Are you are aware that SDR can only recover the file system and system state of the operating system? Application  databases have to be restored via a manual restore job after you have used SDR to recover the file system and system state (and of course you have to use the appropriate agent to backup the database first.)

Not that it makes much difference to the vCenter, but are you aware that Backup Exec does not yet support ESX 5.1  so assuming vCenter 5.1 is a match for the ESX version you may have a bigger problem.


EDIT: If you want a product to do a single pass restore of operating system plus supported database technologies then Symantec System Recovery may be a better fit than Backup Exec SDR. SDR is only a single pass restore when it is just file system and system state to be recovered.


Level 2

It is MSSQL and I did the SQL backup and restore.  I am not sure that the vCenter 5.1 should make any difference at this level as it is just the Windows app vs supporting ESXi 5.1 which I will be looking for once I get my environment virtualized.