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vSphere 5.1 Support Update

Symantec and VMware are unwaveringly dedicated to quality in our jointly developed solutions. During our testing with the VMware vStorage 5.1 API Symantec discovered issues* that introduce data recovery risks. We raised these concerns with our friends at VMware, who documented them in their knowledge base and in the VMware vSphere 5.1 release notes.  VMware expects to release a vStorage API update, and at that time we expect to retest and once again support joint solutions.

Read this blog for more details!


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I have customer runnning

I have customer runnning vsphere 5.1 and when is the next release that support for BE 2012?

Netbackup has announced

Netbackup has announced support for vSphere 5.1, "Support for vSphere 5.1 in NetBackup

NetBackup supports backup and recovery of vSphere 5.1."
When will similar support be announced for BackupExec 2012?

ESXi 5.1 support with SymBE

ESXi 5.1 support with SymBE 2012 is a really important question.

We are waiting for your answer.

Thanks in advance.

The customers should follow

The customers should follow the compatibility list SCL . ESXi5.1 is still not  in list .

I agree with you, don't

I agree with you, don't understand why some people have "vote down" your post.

Offcourse most people (including me) are disappointed that ESX 5 is still not suppored.
But I am the most disappointed from the lack of responce of Symantec, no estimate time of fix.

Orionex, The follow-up


The follow-up questions were asking when it will be supported, not if it is supported now. We are all painfully aware that it is not in the SCL now (as of Jan 2, 2013). Checking the SCL daily for updates is a waste of your customer's time.

If you read the latest info from VMware on the subject, BackupExec can fully support vSphere 5.1 backups using the vSphere 5.0 backup SDK. You could add support now, which apparently you have done for NetBackup.

In light of this information it would be helpful if Symantec updated their information for their BackupExec customers as to when the support might be added.

Your answer is not helpful. 


instead of fixing existing

instead of fixing existing software they release a new software whith Support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 and Support for VMware vSphere 5.0 and 5.1 "" which is for sure usefull only after first RU

Absolute disgrace

This will be the last product I use from symantec, no communication just a blame game and no excuses at all for the continued lack of support for server 2012. All I can hope is it hits sales!

Just commenting so I get a

Just commenting so I get a notification when this thread is updated.

Our incrementals have since failed after updating to esx 5.1. Most companies I know keep their VMware environment the MOST up to date as first port of call and then everything else trickles down from there. Its a tough call to check an array of technologies SCL everytime a major infrastructure component is updated.

I get that Symantec are trying to say this is VMWare's fault, but this is BE 2012. Its the newest of new and many would argue it was pushed out way too prematurely.

Just fix this already as I am sick of seeing 'backup has failed' everyday. HOw great is it to spend thousands on a new backup solution on new hardware with the newest version of VMWare, only to be greeted by 'Backup failed' everyday? How great is a backup solution that cant backup? (NOT great)

Looks like vSphere 5.1,

Looks like vSphere 5.1, Windows Server 2012, SharePoint 2013 and Exchange 2013 will only be supported on BackupExec 2012 R2.

The beta is planned to March, so.... Maybe by July we will get support. By that time, vSphere 6 should already be on near release.

This is unacceptable by any benchmark.

Where did you get this info

Where did you get this info from ?

I have received a mail for the upcoming beta, but vSphere 5.1 and Server 2012 are listed as supported for an updated BE 2010 R3 version.

Sharepoint and Exchange 2013 are only listed for an updated BE 2012 version.

I just noticed this thread

I just noticed this thread after I posted my question :

As far as I know, I cannot revert my ESXI installation back to 5.0.
Am I correct on this assumption?

Do I need to wait now until Symantec releases the RALUS agent for 5.1?


You cannot revert the

You cannot revert the installation to ESX5.0 but you can reinstall your ESX host if your VMs are installed on shared storage and you did not yet update the Vmware Tools......

For the latest info on

For the latest info on vSphere 5.1 support in Backup Exec 2010 and 2012, see these articles:

It appears the next service pack for each won't be available until after the service packs ship, with beta testing starting in March.

"The beta software will be available for download by the end of March, 2013."

It could be quite a while until that beta is complete and the service packs are available for download.

So, both Netbackup &

So, both Netbackup & System Recovery 2013 support 5.1 & you're still saying in your original post that you're not releasing it till VMware fixes the vddk?

What's really going on?

Not enough staff or bad press to warrant getting it out faster. My customers want out and we are having to agree because we can't keep fixing it for free.

vSphere 5.1 was announced in August 2012 and released in Spetember. Maybe your friends at VMware can get Symantec on the beta program. We are, why do you wait so long to test?

PS V6 is coming, get them to give you a copy, so you can test it properly this time.

I found out recently that if

I found out recently that if you have even one ESXi 5.1 host in your infrastructure, techs are told to abandon the support calls with a blanket statement of "sorry about your luck... we're testing a patch".  In the meantime I'm backing up virtual machines via RAWS instead.  Sad state of affairs at Symantec.  You lost a customer here.  Moving to Veeam without hesitation.

If you have one ESX 5,1 host

If you have one ESX 5,1 host then you vCenter MUST also be ESX 5.1 and that would then affect the support of the 5.0 hosts (unless you switch to direct from host backups for the 5.0 hosts.)


Although I am not specifically aware that anyone in support has been told what you posted it does make sense as we cannot escalate through to engineering whare any part of the environment relating to the backlup failure is unsupported.

NetBackup have now completed

NetBackup have now completed their testing of the new vddk and it is the results of this that means they now provide support.

SSR 2013 does not actually do VMware backups using the vddk. All it uses the vddk for is Physical to Virtual conversions, although they would have had to also test using SSR inisde a VM with the 5.1 VMware tools installed. However this is still less of a requirement and easier to validate. Hence yes it does support it.

Backup Exec is still going though verification of code changes against the latest vddk - bear in mind BE code base is NOT the same as  NBU code base so it is not a direct port.

We have BE2012 V-Ray with all

We have BE2012 V-Ray with all the latest hotfixes, Agent for VMware and VMware vSphere 5.1 (with vCenter 5.1 appliance).

From what I understand it's not possible now to do a granular file level restore without a separate installation of the Windows agent and do a separate backup. That's not want I want. The competitors like Veeam, VDP and Acronis vmProtect 8 can do a full vmdk image with the granular file level restore possibility but are missing the tape backup option.

Should I wait for the latest BE2012 R2 version (beta end of March)?