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very low disk space to a disk folder. create a job to automatically delete old data.


we have some jobs running in different time of the day to a disk folder.

in the middle of the night i have a job to up data to a tape.

my problem is that i have to manually delete old data to a disk folder when it was up to a tape to continue running jobs on a new day.

this is for very low disk space.

can i configure a job to automaticaly delete data on specific time of the day.

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Instead of deleting the data

Instead of deleting the data you may configure your backup jobs to overwrite.

Also configure a media set with least number of hours of overwrite protection.


hi and thanks, i can not

hi and thanks,

i can not choose overwrite  because iam doing a full, differential and log backup continuelly to the same data,

i have this schedule

full backup at 1.00 am

differencial at 6.00 am

log every hou from 9.00 am to 12.00 am

later i need to move all this data from disk to a tape and leave empty the folder to begin new full backup.

backup exec allow to move data from dosk to tape


Hi Yhascary, If you are

Hi Yhascary,

If you are sharing the jobs with the same media then what you can do is do a calculation to work out how to rotate your media, you can also split up your jobs into multi media set but this will result in more space needed. From here you should then set the overwrite period and append period on your media set and this should give you the desire results.

Your backup would be as complicated as you want it to be but having a too complicated setup will lead to problems when you try to do a restore.

DO CHECK your retention and RESTORATION before doing any drastic changes. BE will not overwrite a media until it overwrite period had expired.


hi dello. still i dont know

hi dello.

still i dont know how to solve this problems.

i need a complete schedule  of the day in a media to copy on a tape in a middle of the night.

for example i  make backups from 1.00 am to 12.00 am and up tp tape at 3.00 am.

my local disk is about 800 gb and i can not get more tha a 1 day and half with this spaces because other backups will miss.

iam not sure if its about method backup, even i thought is about a backup logs because it does'nt have flush.

finally if change media set periods to allow 2 days with data i will duplicate data when it up to tape.

help me please.


You start your backups at

You start your backups at 0100 and only finishes at 2400.  Your next backup cycle starts 1 hour later at 0100, but you only duplicate your previous day backups onto tape at 0300.  This means that there is an overlap of backup cycles.  In this case, you need at the minimum to preserve your previous day's backups.  This means that your OPP needs to 2 days or greater..

It is very difficult for us to help you because we don't know

1) what is the size of your backup

2) the number of media sets involved and their OPP and AP settings.

3) what are the job settings for your backup jobs? Are they set to append or overwrite?

I would suggest that you read the data management portion of the Admin Guide carefully so that you have a greater appreciation of how to set your OPP and AP which controls how your data is kept.

Dell Lam is correct.  Setting up a backup scheme is not only about backing up the data.  You also got to think about how to restore the data.  With a complicated scheme like yours, the restore procedure would be more complicated and would be more prone to errors in the critical time when you are faced with an emergency restore.  I would strongly suggest that you look at your backup scheme first and determine whether you need to do such a complicated scheme in the first place.