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vsphere backup stuck

Level 3

Hi, when one of the virtual machines is backing up, the task stucks at the Active Running state with 0 MB, in the logs :

VDDK-Log: VixDiskLib: VixDiskLib_ReadMetadata: Missing metadata value. Error 16052 (The specified key is not found in the disk database) at 7564

can you help ? thanks



What is the hardware version of this VM? Is it any different to other working VMs?

What is the OS of the problem VM?

Are you able to move the VM to another ESX host to see if this makes a difference?

May be worth creating a support ticket with Veritas - a quick search revealed only 3 similar cases:

 - one was for NetBackup
 - one "fixed" after moving VM to a different host
 - one still currently open awaiting more logs

Would also advise raising this with VMware support.

OS Ubuntu, 

moved the virtual machine to another host, removed it from the inventory and added it again, created a new machine and connected a hard drive to it from the first machine - nothing, the only thing that helped was the conversion (StarWind V2V) vm to hyper-v and back to esxi


Other VMs backup ok?

Level 1

Some quick tips from our experiences on this if your still having issue

There is known issues in at least 20.6 with this happening when you have encryption enabled (which everyone should) in your jobs. Needs an update to BE 21.2 for the fix. There was a new set of vmware api's implemented that solve a number of things in the more recent releases of vmware.  Sure sign this is the thing for you is to look for crashes in some of the backup exec services. In my experience, if you get a crash in any of the critical services you need to do a server restart.

Also, make sure your vmware hardware and tools are current for the version you are running, and keep your vmware stack current with it's patching.

I also found that, using things like write limits on your target storage isn't always enough to limit load on the server, and at times, load and internal latency. make sure your OS drive and database is on fast, ideally flash, storage, and your not running to many jobs at once. stagger out your job start times, and don't have to many servers in a single job. pain in the arse if you need to take a full out of sequence.