what is remsrv.exe ?

hi guys,



i've notice that durine exchange backup remsrv.exe is using the mapi32.dll


what is this remsrv.exe ? what's the name of the process ? and why it's touching mapi ?

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Hello Lilee, I am researching

Hello Lilee,

I am researching this but in the mean time Backup Exec 2012 revision 1798 Service pack 2  http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH208600 resolves the error.  This can be installed through running Live Updates (make sure the agent is pushed out to any remote servers afterwards).   


what error ? my backup is

what error ?

my backup is fine.


just asking what is this remsrv.exe and why it's talking to mapi32.dll




started process monitor during exchange restore from tape and noticed that remsrv.exe is doing some acions on/via mapi32.dll why and for what is my question



As far as I know remsrv is

As far as I know remsrv is used by the GRT capability so yes it does touch MAPI and possibly EWS components as part of expected behaviour. It is possible it is used more by the GRT to Tape process than the GRT to disk as we do perform slightly different processes for the two backup types even though the data is the same.


what about Exchange Server

what about

Exchange Server MAPI Client and CDo objects installing on the backup server or the exchange 2010 server?


do i need to have it on both server's ?

found this:



so it's not required on both ? if yes, why ? because be uses EWS ? if yes, is MAPI still somehowe involved in the bcakup restore process ?




Lilee,            Exchange


           Exchange 2010 does not use MAPI. It uses EWS. Do you have a mixed environment with both Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010?



hi Rahul,   actualy i do have

hi Rahul,


actualy i do have a  exch 2003 in our domain. is mapi cdo req for be ?

so if mapi is not used, but EWS can you guys give me some info about how the backup and restore process is working ?




Hi Lilee, To answer your

Hi Lilee,

To answer your inquiry, Backup Exec consists of components that work together to provide a complete backup and restore functionality. The components are:

  1. Backup Server - Server where the Backup Exec application had been installed. It has controll of the destination of the backup (Tape Drives and/or Backup-to-disk). It is where the database and catalogs of Backup Exec resides.
  2. Backup Exec Exec Administration Console - is the GUI or the interface that controls the Backup Server.
  3. Storage Devices - Tape Drives or Backup-to-disk. It is the location where the backup data will be written.
  4. Client Server - Servers that Backup Exec server protects.


Below link explains "How Backup Exec Works"



With regards to Backup Exec backing up Exchange Server, Backup Exec calls and interact with VSS. Below is the link that describes "How Backup Exec Exchange Agent interacts with VSS to snapshot and backup Exchange Server"