Connect Updates (07 Aug 2012)

User Facing: Desktop

  • Refactored the search submission form so users will no longer be faced with the "Confirm Form Resubmission" message as they search, browse to a result, and then click their browser's back button to return to their search results.
  • Tuned the design of forum pages to better expose the link to each comment (permalink) for sharing, referencing, or bookmarking.
  • Tuned the design of user badges to leverage new CSS3 techniques.
  • Streamlined forum comments by moving the hyperlinks that used to line the bottom of each comment into a dynamic "Actions" menu that now houses the links.
  • Fixed an issue with the iCal export (on event nodes) that was adding the incorrect event time to Outlook calendars.
  • Fixed an issue with legacy content that held code that used to designate a logical break for for "teaser text". The code was making the editing of those nodes impossible (they opening as blank pages). The offending code has now been removed from all content in the system.
  • Fixed an issue for users of the Chrome browser who were seeing a micro-sized popup window on the image upload tool.
  • Parsed content for items that had been accidentally posted to more than one community and removed references to the incorrect communities.

User Facing: Mobile

  • Fixed an issue with users not being redirecting to content pages after they had successfully logged in using a mobile device.

Performance Wins

  • Added logic to our content monitoring system that will now automatically flag trusted contributors (based on their contribution history) and eliminate the content scanning and captcha steps from their submission workflow.
  • Added logic to Connect's SymAccount integration module that prevents it from slowing down to query the SymAccount system unless it is absolutely necessary.

Admin Facing

  • Added the ability for privileged users to change the author of a published piece of content.
  • Added "autoresponder" functionality to Private Messages so community managers and admins can let users know when they're out of the office or on vacation.
  • Added a report that lists users who have reward points that are expiring in a given month.

I love the new look!  Great job guys!!


The new look is entirely different and is looking very fantastic!!!yes

Yes looks nice and clean, but....

One problem (so far):

I, more often than not, use the subject line in a "Post new Comment" either as exactly that or as the first line of my response (& I'm not the only one)

Since this has been 'streamlined' (as the subject *was* the link) this has now been removed from my posts - some say my posts don't make much sense anyway, but this has just added to any potential confusion. ***EDIT*** I really can forsee this causing a few headaches to say the least for anyone looking through any such posts created prior to this change

A simple example:

hi am om    

    i install sep 12 on my server and after installation i phase a prob my erp server not working properly.

when i disable sep12  its working well .

               give me some suggestion    what i am doing





Thumbs down option appers in RED at the top of the thread (Original Post)

Whereas it appears in GREEN if someone posts a comment.

Thanks for the screen capture Amol.

That helps us see the problem.