Connect Updates (26 Apr 2011)
  • Resolved an issue where Rewards status messages were displaying user point totals.
  • Removed right sidebar promos from all edit forms (to give the forms more room).
  • Made all fields required on group membership request forms.
  • Consolidated PartnerNet group navigation into a single "PartnerNet Group" link.
  • Changed user badges from graphics to text so they could be translated.
  • Enabled revision tracking for Known Issue content type.
  • Fixed broken email formatting in "Email this page" functionality.
  • Resolved an issue where featured articles on the home page were not updating when new feature articles were added to the community subpages.
  • Updated the URLs that are distributed using the "Share" widget. URLs that are shared are now http instead of https.
  • Fixed an issue where attachments, like speaker notes, were displaying twice on Video nodes.
  • Resolved an issue where admins were unable to see user Reward transaction logs.
  • Added new options to the rewards administration pages to help manage reward fulfillment workflow.
  • Modified notifications code to better handle new site name, Symantec Connect Community.
  • Updated the Legal module to 6.x-8.2 (2011-Mar-27) - Maintenance release

Kevin, Just to let you know that when I still see the message box ( "User xxx  earned 5 points Total now is xxx points." )

Hi Paolo,

Can you give me the steps to reproduce this?

For clarification, you should see this message when you earn points for your own account (post a blog, forum discussion, video...).

You should not see this message when you earn points for someone else's account (vote up, mark as solution).

Thanks for pointing this out Paolo.

I was able to verify and make a few config changes to resolve the issue.

Have a good day.


I have seen the message box with points earned by your user when I click on the vote up.