Desktop and Laptop Option 9.2 now available

We are happy to announce the availability of Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO) 9.2 and it has some great enhancements!

New Capabilities in DLO 9.2:

Domain Trust Independent SolutionDomain Trust Independent SolutionDomain Trust Independent Solution

This release bring support for deploying the DLO server and DLO agents across different domains with no trust relationship established between them and is completely based on customer feedback.

Prior to the DLO 9.2 version, the DLO agents and DLO Server components had to be deployed on the same domain or if deployed on different domains, needed a one-way forest trust relationship to be established from the Server domain to the Agent domain.

With DLO 9.2, this pre-requisite of domain trust is being overcome through the DLO Proxy Server component, which facilitates DLO operations even across domains that do not have a trust established between them. 

For technical details about Domain Trust Independent Solution you can view additional information on SORT or the Readme file.

Key Features in DLO 9.2:

  • Storage on Cloud – DLO has been qualified to write data to the Amazon Storage Gateway, which allows the storage component to be hosted on cloud. You can also install all DLO Server components on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.
  • Mobile Application – Users get instant access to their backed up files on their Android and iOS devices.
  • Continuous Data Protection – Files can be backed up continuously, as per schedule, or manually.
  • Audit Trail – Reports to provide accountability and traceability to the actions performed within the environment.
  • Self-Restore – Users can restore files quickly and easily, online or offline, without IT assistance.
  • Web Restore – Enables users to access their backed up files using a web browser. Once the user is authenticated, the backed up data can be downloaded to desktops and laptops.
  • Backup over Internet – When the computers are not connected to the corporate network, files can also be backed up using the available internet connection.

Please roll this out! Let us protect your cross domain desktops and laptops with improved convenience and power. The future of DLO is bright, and we are excited to collaborate with you on our next steps, and to empower you, your teams and your organization to do more.

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- Varun Verma, Product Marketing Manager, Veritas